Zibal is a leading software and service provider firm, offering one-stop solutions in fields of Software, Engineering and Business Processes. We offer a wide spectrum of web services and solutions to help our clients meet their business requirements on time and within cost-effective parameters. We have a track record of strong revenue and profit growth, empowering it with the financial stability and resources to mobilize and deliver even large scale and complex projects with utmost ease.

We love what we do and we know that there could be nobody who can do it better than us. Our consistent efforts of maintaining long-term partnership with our clients, along with our commitment to deliver on-time and qualitative services have been pivotal to bring world class integrated business solutions that can help differentiate you from your competition.

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We work with our clients to create
strong foundations and keep them strong.

Our Products


iViews™ connects the dots to show relevant information to support planning, executing, measuring and decision-making. All organizations need to do these things and have a common desire to optimize how it is done. iViews™ provides a holistic view of meaningful data and how it aligns with strategic initiatives. It integrates seamlessly into an organizations' existing technologies and processes, in the cloud or on premise.

iViews-Business Intelligence Studio

iViews Business Intelligence Studio is a highly-advanced Reporting tool which enables our clients to present information in more meaningful formats be it tabular, graphical, and mixed with utmost ease. Moreover, clients can also represent information in pivot tables and pivot graphic formats which help in extracting the significant information from a large and detailed data set. The scope of this tool is not just limited to creating reports but we can be utilized for creating highly advanced presentations and adding features such as schedule delivery, user notifications, and much more.

It supports most devices and can be used to access reports from mobiles phones, tabs, iPads, desktops with similar ease. Furthermore, iViews-Business Intelligence Studio enables users to load data from different data sources i.e. Oracle, SQL, SVC, Excel files etc.

Let's make life better. At Zibal, it's not just what we believe, it's at the core of how we support our clients, recruit staff and manage our business. We know how important a strong foundation is to succeed. We partner with our clients to reach new heights.