CLoud Services

The market reality and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Organizations’ IT infrastructures are struggling to meet these changing demands due to lack of flexibility, agility and innovation. This is compelling them to modernize. The cloud capability is enabling organizations to modernize their legacy IT applications at greater speed and half the infrastructure cost. It promises agility, infinite elasticity, innovation, and huge cost benefits. Today, many market disruptors are born in the cloud.

Zibal helps your enterprise embrace the cloud confidently. Our cloud services provide the right foundation to align people, process and technology so that you can avoid pitfalls and improve business outcomes right away. With our managed cloud services, you will get business agility, elasticity, and cost benefits to push your modernization initiatives as per your action plan.

Decide how far you want to go; our cloud expertise can
support you till the last mile.

  • Rapidly modernize and integrate applications to gain competitive advantage
  • Release new applications and features faster, to increase customer satisfaction
  • Mobilize your legacy data to enhance collaboration and productivity
  • Reduce total cost of ownership of current and new applications
  • Align a cloud strategy with your current business situation
  • Perform TCO analysis to figure out how much you save in the long run
  • Provide recommendations to enhance your IT value and increase agility
  • Develop a concrete plan that maps out priorities, transitional steps, and milestones
  • Create a full roadmap aligned with your desired business outcomes
  • Provide a valid cloud adoption business case by addressing the existing barriers
  • Design the blueprint that can help you boost efficiency and reduce cost
  • Define a robust backup and restore strategy and automated deployment processs to reduce manual deployment errors
  • Define migration path to reduce risks
  • Setup cloud ready environment to meet the performance, security, and availability requirements
  • Create a robust migration process to accelerate migration while maintaining data integrity
  • Create a streamlined approach to ensure consistency and continuity of the existing systems
Application Monitoring and Optimization
  • Performance analysis to detect any errors
  • Optimize performance to provide excellent user experience and greater business value
  • Provide faster recovery for critical issues
  • Ensure business continuity under critical situation
  • Analytic reporting to make smarter business decisions
24/7 Support
  • Server performance analysis with preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Multilevel communication for faster response and issue resolution as per the SLA
  • Server upgrades, patches and process implementation
  • Continuous application monitoring for stability, performance optimization and enhancements.