Digital Transformation Services

Enterprises are rethinking their approach to engage customers in new ways. For them, digital transformation is becoming imperative to design a simpler and connected customer journey across every touchpoint. But, it demands a customer-focused IT and more integrated approach to shape the customer experience and improve operational agility for profitable growth.

Zibal helps organization accelerate their digital transformation strategy. Our capabilities include digital transformation consulting, implementing best-of-breed platforms, and integrating systems for excellent digital customer experiences. We bring together the right people, process and technology to ensure our digital transformation services cater to your specific business needs. Our expert team delivers solutions keeping your end- customers in mind.

By working with us you can reap the benefits of transformation like: improved customer experience, better business outcomes, and sustainable growth while reducing their operating costs.

Our Digital Transformation Services

Customer Experience Management
Front-end redesign to improve brand experience
Consolidate data into a single view of the customer
Integrate back-end tools to improve customer lifetime value
Digital Commerce
Consolidate Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Management System (CMS), Digital Assets Management (DAM) & Commerce to increase agility and impact
Build an omni-channel system to delight customers
Modernize the digital commerce cycle to reduce operational costs
Customer Relationship Management
Streamline asset managment to operate smarter and faster
Consolidate platform for faster multi-channel publishing
Improve personalization and targeting to boost engagement
Marketing Management
Optimize and automate business process to increase productivity
Integrate analytics capabilities to boost sales intelligence and drive more leads
Customize operational workflow to build deeper customer relationships