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Who We Are And What Can We do?

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine. Bottom line is we want you to succeed at Faculty.

Zibal has helped many corporations increase their revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and time to market. We not only automate current business processes but gear them up for maximum robustness and scalability to address the demands of the future. Our expertise, hand-picked competent brains and the in-depth understanding of our clients' enterprise enable us to provide business-oriented services and solutions that use proven technologies and methodologies.


Driving Technology to Fuel Growth

Consumers’ technology expectations are rising rapidly—and just as rapidly infiltrating the enterprise landscape. The complexity of your IT organization may be standing in the way of meeting your business goals. How do you manage (or even eliminate) this heritage “debt” and unlock value to both fuel your digital transformation and develop next-generation capabilities?

Our application services can deliver applications and maintenance solutions that are specifically designed to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

We can partner with your orgazation to renovate your old applications and implement new applications by deploying SaaS while improving their performance, agility, and profitability.


Great Success Comes with Great Planning

Information technology today is a critical function in the enterprise. IT is not only a supporting function, helping to automate routine tasks and promoting process efficiency: It has also become integrated into the products and services of many industries. Even organizations that do not consider themselves “high-tech” are increasingly leveraging IT for digital transformation and as a core element of their emerging business models.

Our differentiators include:
  • Decision facilitators for IT investments
  • Expertise in complex technologies, tools and processes
  • Advice based on knowledge and laboratory results from our global Centers of Excellence


Delivering Digital Capital

Digital transformation is about much more than just technology. Successful transformation also requires experience and a fresh perspective on how digital impacts customers. When technology and experience are delivered through a flexible platform, it enables companies to begin the journey from automation to artificial intelligence. Add in human experience, innovation, and curiosity and you have our approach to digital transformation.

Digital technologies have drastically changed the way businesses operate. Businesses are increasingly trying to provide a superior and seamless experience to their digital customers, and thus improving their bottom line. The proliferation of mobile devices, advanced knowledge of consumer behavior powered by analytics and emergence of the cloud has thrown up new opportunities as well as challenges to businesses. Companies are struggling to innovate and grow due to fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences.


Leverage your Competitive Advantage

Today's business users are more interested in action and outcomes than interpreting reports, dashboards, and data visualization. These are the users more likely to take advantage of the growing list of smart, Machine Learning (ML) - and Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered prescriptive applications emerging. The context of decisions has already been built into business applications for sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, logistics, and more. The list of application areas is increasing very rapidly. Thanks to advances in cognitive computing and AI, companies can now use sophisticated algorithms to gain insights into consumer behavior, use the real-time insights to identify trends and make informed decisions that give them an edge over their competitors.


Innovate your Business Cheaper and Faster

The market reality and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Organizations’ IT infrastructures are struggling to meet these changing demands due to lack of flexibility, agility and innovation. This is compelling them to modernize. The cloud capability is enabling organizations to modernize their legacy IT applications at greater speed and half the infrastructure cost. It promises agility, infinite elasticity, innovation, and huge cost benefits. Today, many market disruptors are born in the cloud.


Empowering your Technology to meet Business

TBM provides IT organizations with the solutions—strategies, methodologies, and tools— to manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services.

TBM addresses the needs of several stakeholder personas. Benefits:
  • DevOps (Application Owner) - Manage Application Portfolio for Value
  • Service Owners (Infrastructure Platforms)- Show Efficiency and Justify IT Spend
  • CIO & IT Leaders - Make Fact-Based Decisions to Shift O&M to DME
  • Business Relationship Managers - Align Resources to Business Priorities
  • IT Finance - Establish Governance & Accountability