Technical Writing

A good product starts with a good document. Technical documentation plays an important role when an end user acquires a product. If documentation contains accurate and complete instructions, end users can easily get to the information they need. The faster end users can find information, the faster they like the product and the fewer questions reach support technicians.

Zibal provides a flexible outsourcing solution for technical writing: proficient writers can help with an entire documentation project or assist the customer’s documentation team.

Zibal ’s technical writing portfolio includes:
Developing documentation for new products
Updating existing documentation
Assistance with document localizations

We can support you in developing technical documentation of different types:

End user documentation

User guides

On-line help

Service engineer documentations

Implementation (overview
and planning) guides

Installation and
configuration guides

Administration and
maintenance guides


The technical documentation designed in Zibal meets the requirements of Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). DITA is an XML-based standard that primarily is used for technical documentation. DITA helps to: